Full Tilt Swag Tournaments are On the Way

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From 12th to 23rd of November, Full Tilt Poker [read review] are going to organize tournaments with branded prizes every day. The awards in the prize pool include the t-shirts, caps and sweatshirts with the poker room logo.

Each day in this period, Full Tilt will organize 5 different so-called Swag tournaments with at least one exclusive prize in each tournament. The buy-in for every of these 5 tournaments is the same and it starts at $0.55.

However, not all of the five daily Swag Tournaments is not the same type and the awards for each differ as well. There are three types: the Full Tilt Hat Tournament, the Full Tilt T-shirt Tournament and the Full Tilt Hoodie Tournament.

The amount of prizes depends of how big the prize pool is. For each $17 in the prize pool there is 1 cap with the poker room logo as an award, for every $20 a Full Tilt T-Shirt is provided, while for every $40 in the prize pool there is 1 Full Tilt sweatshirt.

However, that’s not all. The players who participate in more than two Swag Tournaments during the promotional period will get an invitation to play in the Swag Freeroll Tournament on the last Friday in November, for which the prize pool will be made of twenty five separate prizes.

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